While there are always disagreements and difficulties in business, it’s been positive to see the overall sense of professionalism and regard that founders have for investors, even if they disagree with their approaches or tactics.

Favourite Angels

Four Angels received the largest amount of positive feedback: Gareth Williams, Robin Knox, Rob Dobson, and Ross Tuffee, with portfolio companies citing their availability, expertise, and network to help when needed and being ‘hands-off’ when not.

“[He] has worked with us since the launch, growth and ongoing support to a first time entrepreneur such as myself.”

“[He is] helpful when needed and is a passive investor. The best kind!”

“Personally, he has pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and asks the right questions at the right time.”

“[He is] straight forward and helpful.”

“He [has] made plenty of introductions which shows his wealth of resources, [and understanding of] intricacies of the sector… in the best way.”

[They are] the most amazing investor ever! [They've] been there, done it, and isn’t afraid to share the learnings. [He’sThey are] super founder-centric but holds us to high standards. [They have] been generous with [their] time, money, and advice - we have spent time with [them] as a team, and I have had a number of 1:1 sessions where we have been able to get some great breakthroughs.

[They definitely challenge] us, but [they also help] us to improve and sets a space to enable that to happen. [They have] been open about [their] founder journey, and this has been particularly helpful in setting a context when we are hitting inflection points.

[They lead] lead with values and is generous in spirit - [they have] given me some great advice that has enabled me to navigate the challenging path of developing a team, product, and company.